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Bajamar Ballad – Al Jazeera English
The fishing communities along Colombia's Pacific coast are facing massive dislocation - and their only weapon is music.
Barrios Beats and Blood – Independent, with Guardian Films
Drug war and hip hop in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.
The Real Siciarios – Time
The Story Behind The Cartel Killers
Drugs, Guns and Bling - BuzzFeed
The Mexican army's narco war museum

Marijuana in Mexico
The push to legalize marijuana in Mexico.
Drug War Media
An inside look at Mexican media
covering the narco conflict.
Migrant Kidnappings – Global Post
A look at how gangsters kidnap tens of thousands of migrants.


Juarez Paramedics
The paramedics who risk their lives stitching up the wounds of the drug war
Migrant Village: Puerto Dexthi
As money dwindles from America,
a migrant village feels the pain.
Mexico City Vice
Mexico City prostitutes fight for their corners – but the government wants to put them in a red light zone


Army in Sinaloa
Mexico’s 94th battalion burning drug crops
The Zetas
Reuters video on Mexico's bloodiest cartel
Reclusurio Oriente
Inside Mexico’s vast eastern prison


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